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Enjoy a quality audio experience in every room of the home, with smart systems designed around you. All technology is hidden away – no unsightly cables or power supplies are in view – and audio can be distributed anywhere in your home, so there’s no limit to where you can listen.

We have an advanced understanding of smart home devices and will make sure your home audio system works for you. All networking and cabling will be completed by us, and we can link it up to existing speakers or install new ones for you. Our service is tailored to your home and requirements.

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How do distributed
audio systems work?

Distributed audio technology allows you to listen to music, podcasts, radio stations and anything else you like, in any part of the home where the system is installed. All cabling will be discretely installed, and an audio cabinet can also be designed to house systems. You can choose to have multiple zones with different audio sources and amplifiers, giving you the flexibility you want to control audio throughout your home. You’ll be able to control audio with apps, tablets, smartphones, voice control, dedicated touchscreens, or any other method that suits you.

Designing the perfect audio system for your home

We work with you to design the perfect audio system for you. We’ll talk you through the various options, including the different source and speaker options, so we can design a solution that’s perfect for your property. If we’re designing audio cabinets, we can use virtual reality and image editing technology to show you how this will look.

We are experts in home automation and can automate other systems alongside your audio, or link your new system up to existing ones. The result is an intelligent, intuitively automated home, with interconnected technology that simplifies your day-to-day life.

Home cinema and audio

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Scenes: select your
favourite settings

Scenes allow you to pre-program your favourite smart settings for all your automated systems. You can choose to set certain audio volumes, or program speakers to switch on in certain locations, at particular times. Scenes can also be set up for security, turning on audio as well as other home systems to make a property appear occupied while you’re away.

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Benefits of distributed
home audio solutions

  • Coverage across the entire home
  • Can be linked to any smart speakers
  • Aesthetically pleasing with hidden wires and inputs
  • Full automation to link to other smart home technology
  • Easy control with apps, tablets or dedicated touch screens
  • Quality audio in any room

Why choose us

We’ll work with you to provide the perfect all-round audio solution.

We’ll design systems, speakers, zones and audio cabinets around your property.

Talk to us about your budget and let us see what we can come up with.

We specialise in automation – we can automate home audio and tie it in with other smart technology.

We work when it suits you, causing minimum disruption even when retrofitting audio systems.

What else can we do for you?

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