Find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about security, smart systems and the services we can provide.

Can you automate my existing gates?

Most gates can be automated. We can carry out work on gates we didn’t install – we will complete a free site inspection first to ensure automation is possible.

Do you service alarms that weren’t installed by you?

Yes – we can offer repairs and maintenance packages for all intruder alarms . We’ll need to complete an ‘intruder alarm takeover’ process to access the system, ensuring it’s fully functional and complies to the relevant standards. We can also take over the monitoring of your alarm system if required.

Are you certified or insurance approved?

Yes – we are SSAIB approved. This allows us to install all insurance approved and monitored intruder alarm systems for both domestic and commercial properties.

Do you supply gates as well as automating them?

We can supply and install automated gate systems , including building brick piers, completing block paving, and installing fencing. Alternatively, we can simply automate existing gates. We’ll work flexibly to meet your needs.

Do you accept credit card as payment?

Yes – we accept all major credit cards, with the exception of AMEX over £1000.

What is the lead time on gate installations?

This depends on the type of gate system being installed. Most simple installations will usually have a four-week lead time. More complex cantilever gate systems can have up to a six to eight-week lead time from when the order is placed. We’ll discuss all lead times with you before you order.

Can I open my automated gates with my mobile?

There are many options for opening gates. We can install full access control – we can also install systems with a mobile app, or gates with integration to control systems, or proximity systems to recognise a vehicle close to the gate.

Can I view my CCTV on my mobile?

Yes – all new CCTV systems can be viewed online when connected to a stable average internet connection.

Can I set my alarm with my mobile?

Most alarms can be set using a smartphone, and all new systems come with a mobile application which allows you to set, unset, receive notifications and view the event log. If you have an existing system, we’ll need to inspect it so we can confirm whether mobile integration is possible.

Should I choose a wired or wireless alarm?

Wireless systems have become very popular in recent years, as the property requires very little cabling (if any), however they do require batteries every couple of years. Wired systems require less maintenance, but no detector batteries are required. We will be happy to discuss both types of system with you to help you make the right decision for your property.

Can I be notified when my alarm goes off?

Yes – all our new systems are monitored by Southern Monitoring Services who will contact you in the event of an intruder alarm activation. Systems with a mobile application will also receive a notification indicating the exact device which has been triggered.

Can I have an alarm with pets in the house?

Depending on the size of your pets, we can often install pet immune systems. Alternatively, we can install a perimeter detection system which allows pets to roam the property freely without triggering the sensors.

What is keyholding?

Keyholding is a service we generally provide for commercial properties. When the alarm is triggered, a keyholding (guard) response company will be notified. The keyholder will then attend the property, looking for intruders or any indication that an attempted break-in has occurred. They will then re-set the alarm, leaving the property secure.

What’s included in an intruder alarm service?

This depends on the exact system/certification you have. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you – please get in touch.

What’s your callout response time?

Intruder alarm response time is a maximum of four hours for maintenance contract customers. This service is available 24/7 – please ensure you call the emergency line on 01233 334135 and select option two. Emails, texts and any other form of contact may not be picked up until the next working day.

Can you upgrade my CCTV without running new cables?

Depending on the quality of the existing cabling, this is possible. Most new systems run on Cat5/6 cable. We can install POC and HD over coax systems where necessary.

Can I call outside of office hours?

Yes, we provide a 24-hour callout service, 365 days a year to our maintenance contract customers. New customers are welcome to call but due to existing commitments with contract customers we cannot guarantee we can attend site.

Will your Wi-Fi speed up our internet?

We cannot speed up the incoming internet from your provider. We can improve the speeds that run on the local network and wireless network, which will help speed up the local network.

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