Commercial Electric Shutters

Enhance your commercial property with our high-quality Commercial Electric Shutters, designed for maximum security and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for retail units, warehouses, and all types of commercial premises, our shutters are manufactured from robust galvanised steel and can be customised with a range of powder-coated finishes to match your architectural style. Whether you need roller shutters, motorised security shutters, or bespoke door solutions, we provide products that combine durability with easy operation. For a consultation or to learn more about our electric shutter options, including remote-controlled and energy-efficient systems, contact us today at  01233 334135  or email us at Secure and beautify your business with our trusted shutter solutions. 

Commercial Electric Shutters Maintenance

Maintaining the operational integrity of your commercial electric shutters through regular maintenance and expert repair is essential for ensuring the specialises and longevity of your investment. At our company, we specialise in a comprehensive range of services tailored to keep your commercial roller shutters in prime condition. Whether it is routine checks or urgent repairs, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle everything from faulty electric motors and jammed roller tracks to minimising them with remote controls and automation systems. 

We understand that each set of shutters at your commercial premises—be it retail shops, industrial factories, or office buildings—plays a critical role in security and daily operations. That’s why we are committed to providing rapid response and precision in every task we undertake. Opting for our maintenance service includes detailed inspections and adjustments to ensure maximum security and operational efficiency, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected failures and costly downtime. Trust us to extend the life of your shutters with our dependable maintenance and repair solutions, keeping your business secure and functional year-round. 

Commercial Electric Shutter Automation Repair

Automation adds convenience and efficiency to your commercial electric shutters, but it also requires precision and expertise when repairs are needed. Our technicians are trained in the latest automation technologies, including remote-controlled systems and integration with existing security setups. Whether it is a faulty sensor or a glitch in the system software, we provide quick and reliable fixes to keep your shutters functioning seamlessly. 

Commercial Shutter Installation Lead Times

We understand that your time is valuable, and our goal is to provide efficient service without compromising on quality. Typically, our commercial electric shutter installations are completed within a four-week timeframe. However, we strive to accommodate urgent requests and can often expedite travel based on your specific needs and our current project load. 

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Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Electric Shutter Installation?

CE-Approved, Secured by Design 

Our commercial electric shutters are not just built to look robust—they are certified to the highest security standards, including CE marking and Secured by Design accreditation. This ensures that every shutter we install provides maximum security and resilience, giving you peace of mind in the safety of your commercial property. 

Custom Solutions

Tailored to your exact specifications, our bespoke doors come in a variety of standard colours and finishes, including durable powder coating and resilient galvanised steel. Whether you are outfitting a retail unit or industrial building, our custom shutter solutions guarantee a perfect fit and aesthetic alignment with your property’s style. 

Experienced Professionals

Leveraging over 13 years of expertise, our skilled team excels in both commercial and domestic electric shutter installations. Our experience ensures we can handle complex scenarios, from high-level security installations to intricate custom fits, making sure every project meets our rigorous standards of quality and customer satisfaction. 

Advanced Automation Options

Step into the future of property security with our advanced shutter automation options. From remote-controlled operations to integration with smart home systems, our motorised security shutters offer not only ease of use but enhanced security features that keep your premises safe and accessible at your convenience. 


Comprehensive Service

Our relationship with clients continues after installation. From the first consultation to the final installation and beyond, we provide a seamless service experience. This includes detailed planning, precise measurement, and professional installation followed by reliable after-sales support, ensuring your shutters always perform at their best. 


Dedicated Support

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedicated support extends beyond the sale with tailored maintenance advice, specific operational instructions, and responsive repair services. No matter the issue, our team is ready to assist, ensuring your investment remains secure and functional year-round. 

Our Commercial Property Security Shutter Options

At our company, we provide a diverse range of commercial electric shutters tailored to meet the specific security and aesthetic needs of your business. Each shutter type is constructed from high-quality materials like galvanised steel or aluminium, offering durability and efficiency. Here are the shutter types we offer: 

Roller Shutters

Ideal for commercial properties, our roller shutters are manufactured from robust steel or aluminium and are perfect for securing shop fronts and warehouses. Their compact rolling mechanism makes them an excellent choice for areas with limited space. 

Sectional Shutters

These shutters are best suited for larger commercial openings. They are composed of sectioned panels that rise vertically and tuck under the ceiling, providing not only security but also thermal insulation thanks to their sealed perimeter and insulated core. 

Up and Over Shutters

A popular choice for garages and industrial units, up and over shutters provide a straightforward, reliable solution. They operate by swinging upwards and outward, creating a canopy as they open. This design offers both security and ease of access. 

Sliding Shutters

Perfect for properties that require strong security with flexible access options. Sliding shutters move horizontally and are ideal for large openings, such as vehicle entry points in commercial buildings. 

Custom Shutter Solutions

For those who require specific features, we offer bespoke shutter solutions. Whether you need powder-coated finishes to match your company’s branding or perforated panels for additional light and visibility, we can customise shutters to your exact specifications.

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