We can enhance the Wi-Fi distribution from your existing provider, ensuring you have even coverage around your property without needing to connect to different networks. We work with domestic and commercial customers to provide better Wi-Fi solutions, ensuring you have access to a strong signal even when further away from the router.

We can also install Wi-Fi from scratch – we have an agreement with a provider if you’re looking for a new supplier. Our team has 13+ years’ experience in security, networking and automation, so we can talk to you in depth about your options. We can also discuss data cabling, which may suit you better depending on your requirements – there’s also the option of a combined cabling and Wi-Fi solutions. Call 01233 334135 or email enquiries@patronltd.co.uk to talk to the team.

Why is your Wi-Fi signal weak?

Wi-Fi signal from your router can be weak for a number of reasons.
These can include:

  • A large property with areas that the signal can’t reach
  • Objects between the router and your device
  • Awkwardly-shaped rooms and spaces with lots of walls and doors
  • Certain materials being present, such as brick, marble, concrete or metal
  • Everyday objects such as mirrors, microwaves and cordless telephones

Often there’s nothing you can do to improve this, which is why our interlinked Wi-Fi solutions are so useful.

How can our Wi-Fi services help you?

If you’re experiencing poor Wi-Fi signal in certain parts of your property, you might be tempted to try an extender from your network provider. This will give you different Wi-Fi networks, which your devices will connect to depending on where you are. This means continually jumping between networks and there can still be spots where it’s difficult to connect.

Our solutions work by redistributing your Wi-Fi signal around your home or business property, creating multiple points which are all interlinked. Your devices will automatically connect to the closest point, but these are all part of the same network, so it’s instantaneous and you won’t experience any delay. You’ll get much greater coverage throughout the whole property.


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Ongoing maintenance
and upkeep

We can keep maintaining your new Wi-Fi distribution technology and will be just on the end of the phone if you need us. As technology changes, we can keep your solution updated and make sure it’s still performing as it should be. We’ll discuss maintenance options with you further at the time of installation.

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