Commercial Intruder Alarm Installation

Secure your commercial property with our cutting-edge commercial intruder alarm installation services. Our team of expert security consultants leverages the latest technology to create tailored security solutions that meet your unique needs. From advanced intrusion detection systems to comprehensive commercial alarm system integration, we ensure your premises are equipped with the best protection available. 

We specialise in both wired and wireless intruder alarm systems, allowing us to design a system that best fits the physical layout and security requirements of your business. Whether you need a simple alarm system or a complex, monitored setup capable of immediate police response, our solutions are designed to deter intruders and effectively prevent unauthorised access. 

Do not compromise on the safety of your valuable assets and business premises. Call us today at  01233 334135 or email to schedule a free site survey and consultation. Our SSAIB-approved services mean that every installation meets stringent standards, giving you peace of mind and maintaining your insurance compliance. 

Commercial Intruder Alarm Maintenance and Repair

Commerical intruder alarm

Our commitment to security extends well beyond the initial installation. We offer a robust commercial intruder alarm maintenance and repair program designed to keep your intruder alarm systems performing optimally. With regular maintenance visits from our team of expert security consultants, we ensure that every component of your alarm system—from control panels to sensors and wireless systems—is in peak condition. 

Our maintenance service not only minimises the risk of false alarms and potential security breaches but also helps maintain the system’s compliance with the latest National Security Inspectorate (NSI) standards. In the event of an unexpected issue, our on-call repair services are available 24/7 to address and resolve any problems swiftly, reducing downtime and protecting your commercial premises from unauthorised access. 

Trust us to maintain the integrity of your security measures. Our proactive approach ensures that your commercial alarm systems are reliable and effective, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your valuable assets against all threats. Whether it’s a routine check-up or emergency intervention, our team is committed to delivering the highest level of service to keep your business secure. 

SSAIB Approved

We pride ourselves on being an SSAIB-approved provider, a testament to our high standards and commitment to quality. This accreditation ensures that all our installations and services meet rigorous industry standards, giving you peace of mind that your commercial alarm systems are both reliable and compliant with national regulations. 

Why Choose Us for Commercial Alarm Installation

  1. Expert Security Consultants: More than 13 years of experience tailoring security solutions. 
  2. Customised Solutions: From simple intruder alarms to complex monitored alarm systems. 
  3. SSAIB Certification: Your assurance of quality and reliability. 
  4. Comprehensive Service: Installation, maintenance, and repair to meet all your commercial security needs. 
  5. Immediate Response: Our alarm monitoring services ensure a quick reaction in the event of an alarm activation. 

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Ready to secure your business? Contact our dedicated team today for a personalised security assessment and solution. Call  01233 334135 or email We are here to help secure your assets and provide you with the best protection available. 

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Benefits of Commercial Alarm Installation


Reduced Insurance Premiums

By installing an advanced commercial intruder alarm system, you not only enhance your property’s security but also significantly reduce your insurance premiums. Insurers recognise the lowered risk offered by such robust security measures, translating into cost savings for your business. 

Visual Deterrent

Visible intruder alarms serve as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders. The presence of a commercial security system is enough to discourage potential break-ins, protect your valuable assets and ensure the safety of your premises. 

Integrated Security

Our commercial intruder alarm installations are designed to work seamlessly with CCTV systems and other security technologies. This integration creates a comprehensive security solution that monitors and controls access, offering enhanced protection against unauthorised access and security breaches. 

Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique, which is why we offer a range of intruder alarm systems, both wired and wireless, to suit specific security requirements. Whether you need basic coverage or extensive monitoring, we design the system to fit your commercial property perfectly. 

Compliance and Assurance

As an SSAIB-certified company, we adhere to the highest industry standards. This certification assures that our commercial alarm systems are not only effective but also meet stringent safety regulations, providing you with reliability and compliance assurance. 

Added Peace of Mind

Knowing that your business is equipped with a state-of-the-art commercial intruder alarm provides immense peace of mind. With 24/7 monitoring and expert installation, you can focus on your business operations, confident in the knowledge that your premises are well protected against any security threats.

Commercial Intruder Alarm Options

Network cabling

Wired Systems

Ideal for ensuring stability and reliability, wired intruder alarms are directly connected to your control panel through concealed wires. This setup minimises interference and maximises security, making it an excellent choice for larger commercial properties requiring robust, long-term solutions. 

Wireless Systems

Offering supreme flexibility and ease of installation, our wireless intruder alarm systems use advanced technology to communicate between sensors and the control panel without physical wires. Perfect for historic buildings or sites where structural changes are undesirable, these systems provide effective security with minimal disruption. 

Audible-Only Alarms

An effective deterrent, audible-only alarms trigger a loud siren when unauthorised access is detected, alerting nearby security personnel and neighbours while deterring potential intruders. Simple yet effective, these alarms are a fundamental component of a comprehensive commercial security system. 

Auto-Dialling Alarms

Enhanced with technology to keep you informed, auto-dialling alarms can immediately contact you or another keyholder via phone when triggered. This feature ensures that you are promptly notified of any security breaches, allowing for quick action even when you’re away from your business premises. 

Monitored Alarms

For maximum protection, opt for our monitored alarm systems, which are linked to an alarm receiving centre that facilitates an immediate response, either by police or a private security firm, depending on your preference. This service is ideal for high-stakes environments where immediate intervention is critical to safeguarding valuable assets. 

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