Burglar alarms are one of the most effective deterrents against home intruders. When you have a high-quality burglar alarm fitted, you can feel safe in the knowledge that any risk of a break-in or burglary happening at your property is greatly reduced. It is vitally important that you can react quickly during a break-in to keep yourself and your family safe, and a burglar alarm will alert you about any danger as soon as it appears. Burglar alarms feature several electrical components and detect movement through sensors and contacts. Understanding how your burglar alarm works will enable you to identify whether it is in need of repair and know what action to take if it is broken.

Different alarm systems

While all burglar alarms work as part of a full electrical system, there are a few types that can benefit your property in different ways. Take a look at what the 3 most prominent types of burglar alarm system have to offer:

  • Alarm triggered

    Bells-only systems are a commonly used type of burglar alarm. If anyone intrudes your property, an alarm will sound to notify everyone in the vicinity.

  • Message communicated

    Some burglar alarms can save a pre-recorded message. If anyone breaks into your property then the alarm will sound, and the message will be sent to any nominated phone numbers. If your property has valuable items inside, police response is also an option.

  • System monitored

    Certain types of burglar alarm are linked with call centres who can respond to any threat. If anyone intrudes your property, a signal will be sent to the call centre so they can act to resolve the situation.

How burglar alarms work

A series of steps explain how the majority of burglar alarms work, regardless of the type. Read these steps to gain a better understanding of how your burglar alarm works:

  • Sense motion

    Motion sensors can be strategically placed around any premises. Any door or window being opened will trigger the sensors and start the alarm countdown. You can also protect the perimeter of your property with detectors to further reduce any risk.

  • Alert control panel

    Every component of your burglar alarm, including the sensors, is linked to a control panel. The detectors and sensors will send all the information they gather to this panel. Should the contact be disturbed, the alarm countdown will begin.

  • Sound alarm

    If nobody has entered an abort code and the countdown has been triggered, then the alarm will sound. The bell or siren outside your property will alert people to the intrusion, while an internal sounder will make anyone inside the building aware and deter the intruder.

  • Deactivate alarm

    Using a fob or code, users can activate or deactivate the alarm through the control panel. Smartphones can also be used to activate or deactivate the alarm system remotely.


To ensure that your burglar alarm is functioning correctly and keeping your property safe, regular servicing and maintenance is a necessity. Here at Patron Security, we can provide both of these services and will only charge for the time spent on site when we are working on alarms installed by us.

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