In today’s uncertain times, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses has become paramount. Gate automation presents a compelling solution to bolster security while adding convenience and value to the premises.

Beyond aesthetics, gate automation is a seamless blend of security, elegance and efficiency, which is why it is perfect for property owners in Kent. With a simple push of a button or the swipe of a card, you can regulate access to your premises and note details of vehicle.

This can safeguard your loved ones and assets with unparalleled ease and efficiency. From stately manors to contemporary residences, automated gates serve as guardians of your family. With rapid technological advancements and evolving security threats, automated gates give home and business owners in Kent peace of mind.

Let us explore why choosing gate automation in Kent is a wise decision:

1. Security

One of the primary reasons for choosing gate automation is the security of family and assets. Automatic gates serve as a formidable barrier against any unauthorised access, deterring potential intruders and safeguarding your Kent property around the clock.

All the automated doors are equipped with high-quality and sturdy locking systems, giving owners a calm and peaceful life, knowing they are in safe premises.

2. Convenience

Operation of manual gates is very inconvenient as someone must open those heavy and rusty gates whereas for automatic gates, press of one button and it is open. Whether arriving home after a long day or welcoming guests to your property, automated gates allow you to remotely access the gate for opening and closing as per your need.

These automated gates not only run on electricity but use solar technology as well, in case the supply is off. Automated gates can be very convenient for entry logs and automatic number plate recognition, so all the entries and exits can be recorded without any error.

3. Aesthetic

Automatic gates are not just productive, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. From sleek contemporary designs to ornate wrought iron masterpieces, automated gates serve as a robust guard and a beautiful character.

They can impress the visitors and detain the unwanted visitors. With professional gate installation services in Kent, you can elevate the curb appeal of your property by adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Explore our wide variety of Automated gates, and you can pick from sliding, bi-folding, swing and cantilever gates made from many different materials, including:

  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Metal structured with wooden exterior
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Metal-framed gates with composite cladding

4. Customisation

When it comes to automatic gates, each entrance has a different measurement. Customise the gate as per your liking and house; providers such as Patron Ltd. can help you in fining a bespoke piece for you.

Traditional gates can be seen in only a few materials, such as glass, metal and wood, but automatic gates can be crafted in a way you prefer. Whether you prioritise privacy, visibility, or integration with existing security systems, experts can design and install it to your needs.

That can also be done if you wish to keep your old gate and install automation. Talk to us, and we will determine the right option based on your requirements and the location of your gates.

5. Features

An automated gate is not just a safety and beauty add-on but has many features needed by businesses and homeowners in Kent. Our automated electric gates have the following features:

  • Vehicle detection
  • Number plate recognition
  • Smartphone or app control
  • Key fob entry
  • Keypad entry
  • Timed openings

All the features as mentioned above are very necessary for modern-day businesses, which need to note down all the entry and exits, vehicle numbers and time tabs; the simple step of gate automation can do all this.

6. Weather Resistance

Automatic gates are built to withstand all the elements of nature, from heavy rain to snow and sleet. They are constructed with durable materials, corrosion resistance, and high performance for a long time span. The gates are built in a manner that they can bear all the weather conditions and run if even electricity is shut down.

Ensure that the material selected for automation is of premium quality and has undergone rigorous testing so that harsh conditions can be faced easily. Some of them are made of recyclable material and solar panels to contribute towards a sustainable approach.

7. Energy Efficiency

8. Property Value

Automated gates can also increase your house’s market value or increase your brand’s value. Automated gates not only fetch data for you, protect your home or business, and beautify your property but also get attention from visitors.

The automated gate often impresses potential buyers, and they see it as a premium feature. This shows that the property and business are well-kept and up to date with the latest trends. These gates also give your property a private and secluded look, which is a sign of comfort and security.


Gate automation in Kent is not just a security measure but an investment and upgrade in the safety, convenience and aesthetic appeal of your property. By choosing automated gates, you are embracing cutting-edge modern technology and a safe environment for your family. It is time we leave traditional basic gates behind to select this blend of functionality and elegance.

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