Roller shutters in Bexley


Enhance the security and elegance of your property in Bexley with a set of exquisite roller shutters. Tailored for residential and commercial spaces, our top-notch shutters deliver unmatched protection and a visually captivating look. Personalise your shutters for garage doors, windows, or shopfronts, choosing from a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes. Plus, for the utmost convenience and peace of mind, consider our automation options for advanced security. Connect with our knowledgeable team at 01233 334135 or drop an email to to find the perfect solution that suits your budget and property.

Your roller shutter options in Bexley

Experience the epitome of quality and security with our roller shutters, proudly sourced from SWS, a prestigious manufacturer approved by Secured by Design. Renowned for their exceptional reputation in the industry, SWS delivers top-notch quality shutters that are built to last. Crafted from durable aluminium with an insulated core, these shutters offer the ideal combination of style and longevity. Whether it’s for your home or business, we have the perfect option to elevate your property’s security and aesthetics.


What are the benefits

Roller shutters are a robust solution to enhance security for residential and commercial properties. Their durable construction forms a formidable barrier, deterring intruders and bolstering your property’s protection.

Enjoy complete privacy with roller shutters that shield your premises from prying eyes. When closed, these shutters provide a sense of security and tranquillity, ensuring uninterrupted peace of mind.

Take full control of your environment by adjusting roller shutters to regulate light and external noise. Create a serene and quiet space that perfectly suits your preferences.

Combat harsh weather conditions like storms, high winds, and hail with roller shutters that shield your windows and doors effectively. Their ability to guard against flying debris will keep your property safe.

What is the lead time for a roller shutter installation?

Our standard lead time for roller shutter installation is approximately four weeks. We recognise that certain situations may demand a quicker turnaround, and we assure you that we’ll make every effort to accommodate your requirements within our current workload. Right from the outset of the process, our team will engage in open discussions about lead times, ensuring transparency and clarity. This way, you can make an informed decision when you place your order.


How do you look after roller shutters?

Roller shutters boast two primary benefits: durability and minimal maintenance. Our general recommendation is to schedule an annual service for your shutters, but the frequency can be tailored to their usage. During this service, we’ll collaborate with you to devise an appropriate maintenance plan. For automated shutters, we stress the importance of replacing the wireless safety sensor battery annually to ensure uninterrupted operation. If you need assistance with this, our team is here to help.

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Roller shutter automation

Take advantage of our automation expertise. By seamlessly integrating your shutters with your alarm system, we add an extra layer of security and convenience to your property. Enjoy a range of control options tailored to your preferences, including key fob or smartphone access. For garage doors, we offer specialised vehicle detection systems to enhance ease of use and security. With these options you’ll find that there are a world of new possibilities for your Bexley home.

Can you automate existing roller shutters?

Curious about automating your existing roller shutters? The best way to see if this is possible is to have our team inspect them. We’ll then be able to offer expert guidance on the best approach for your property. Please do get in touch as our team is eager to engage in discussions about these projects.


Why choose us for your roller shutter installation?

  • All shutters are CE-approved and Secured by Design
  • Installation and maintenance options
  • Free initial meetings
  • Domestic and commercial services
  • Automation options can be included
  • 13+ years’ experience

Tell us your roller shutter requirements

For roller shutters that perfectly combine security and aesthetic appeal, look no further than Patron. We invite you to reach out to us at 01233 334135 or via email at to book a complimentary initial meeting at your Bexley home.