Roller shutters in Dartford


With Dartford’s best roller shutters from Patron Security, experience unparallelled security. Our shutters, which are expertly designed for strong protection, offer an unbreakable barrier for your home or place of business. Tailor-made to meet your exact specifications, these shutters provide a strong barrier against possible trespassers.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property’s security infrastructure is reinforced by our state-of-the-art automation options, providing unmatched protection around-the-clock. For fast and effective property fortification, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable security staff at 01233 334135 or via email at!

Your roller shutter options in Dartford

Unmatched protection is ensured by Patron Security’s proud partnership with SWS, a reputable manufacturer certified by Secured by Design. Every shutter promises unmatched security since it is constructed with durable aluminium and a strong core. Put your trust in us to provide the most dependable option to strengthen your Dartford property.


What are the benefits

With our durable roller shutters in Dartford, made for both residential and business spaces, you can increase security to whole new heights. Made from sturdy materials, these shutters create an impenetrable barrier that discourages even the most determined intruders.

With our roller shutters, you may feel safe and secure and have complete privacy while they’re closed. Protect your space from curious eyes and enjoy peace & quiet all by yourself.

Control the lighting and outside noise in your space by operating our roller shutters. Customise your surroundings in Dartford to create the exact ambience you want—one that is quiet and serene.

Protect your property from extreme weather conditions such as hail, strong winds, and storms. Our roller shutters act as a strong barrier, deflecting flying debris and providing efficient window and door protection.

What is the lead time for a roller shutter installation?

We predict that installing roller shutters in Dartford will take about four weeks. We understand that certain circumstances could call for a quicker finish, and we’re here to help in any way we can. You can be sure that we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule while taking our present workload into account. Our dedicated staff will go over the lead times up front to provide clarity and prevent confusion, giving you the power to decide wisely when placing your order. Our top priority is making sure you’re satisfied.


How do you look after roller shutters?

Our recommendation is for your shutters to be serviced once a year, but you can customise this plan to suit your unique usage habits. To guarantee continuous and flawless performance, it is crucial to change the wireless safety sensor’s battery once a year, especially for automated shutters. Our staff is available to assist you if you need it with this task. Regular maintenance extends their lifespan and increases their effectiveness, effectively protecting your Dartford property.

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Roller shutter automation

At Patron Security, we specialise in automation and are prepared to increase your roller shutters’ functionality in Dartford and the surrounding areas. Our expertise is in seamlessly adding an extra layer of security and convenience by integrating your shutters with your security system. We have the answer for you, whether you like the contemporary flexibility of smartphone management or the ease of key fob access. To guarantee total security for your property, we also supply customised car detection systems made for garage doors.

Can you automate existing roller shutters?

Do you want to make your current roller shutters automatic? The intricacies of your shutter configuration hold the key to the solution. We love having these conversations and offering our professional opinions and tailored advice to help you decide which strategy is best for your unique property.


Why choose us for your roller shutter installation?

  • Over a decade of industry expertise
  • Shutters endorsed by CE and Secured by Design
  • Tailored options for homes and businesses
  • Complete setup and upkeep provisions
  • Selectable automated functionalities
  • Free preliminary assessments

Tell us your roller shutter requirements

Our shutters are a statement of style as well as a reliable line of defence. Reach out to us at 01233 334135 or to explore our selection of products and take advantage of our professional guidance and customised solutions.