Roller shutters in Sittingbourne


Enter the world where security and sophistication coexist. Roller shutters from Patron Security are available in Sittingbourne and easily integrate into both residential and commercial settings around southeast London. Our shutters can be made to your exact specifications to strengthen your garage doors, windows, or storefront. From aesthetics to hues, the choice is yours.
Connect with our knowledgeable team at 01233 334135 or send us an email at for more comfort and peace at home. It’s time to find the best security system that is specially designed for your home. Trust in Patron Security – where safeguarding meets aesthetics.

Your roller shutter options in Sittingbourne

Think of Patron Security when enhancing the security and appearance of your Sittingbourne home or business. We are experts in providing individualised solutions that perfectly match your particular requirements.
Our shutters are guaranteed to fulfil the highest standards thanks to our strong connection with SWS, a reputable manufacturer that Secured by Design supports. These shutters combine endurance and style in equal measure because they are made of durable aluminium with an insulating core.


What are the benefits

With Patron Security’s revolutionary roller shutters, which are expertly created for both residential and business areas, get ready for the future of security. These shutters, which are made of durable materials, provide a strong defence that successfully stops any intruders.

Absolute privacy is always ensured with our roller shutters when they are closed. Protect your Sittingbourne place from any unwelcome attention from outside eyes and immerse yourself in a quiet haven.

Our roller shutters are simple to operate, allowing you to control light and outside noise while enhancing your environment to meet your needs. Create a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere in your Sittingbourne area that reflects your own preferences as you see appropriate.

Be cautious and safeguard your home from the unpredictable climate that southeast London experiences, including storms, strong winds, and hail. Roller shutters from Patron serve as steadfast defenders, skilfully protecting your windows and doors by skilfully deflecting flying items.

What is the lead time for a roller shutter installation?

Your convenience is our priority at Patron Security. We adjust our installation timetable to fit your needs. While we appreciate that some circumstances could call for a quicker response, our average lead time for roller shutter installations in Sittingbourne is typically four weeks. We are ready and willing to help you streamline the procedure so that it better meets your demands.
Our devoted staff will start a thorough conversation regarding lead times straight away in order to ensure complete openness. This method gives you the capacity to place an order knowing our process.


How do you look after roller shutters?

Learn about the remarkable benefits Patron Security delivers to your roller shutters, particularly their longevity and simple maintenance. Even while we typically advise an annual maintenance programme for your shutters, we understand the value of tailoring it to your particular usage habits.
A crucial component of our automatic shutters is the yearly replacement of the battery in the wireless safety sensor. This proactive measure ensures continuous, faultless operation. If you need any help with this work, our committed crew is here to offer knowledgeable guidance.

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Roller shutter automation

When it comes to automating shutters in Sittingbourne and the surrounding regions, look no further than Patron Security. We are renowned for utilising roller shutters to their best capacity. We provide state-of-the-art, precisely engineered vehicle detecting systems for garage doors.
Additionally, we may combine your alarm system with your shutters to enhance your security to previously unheard-of levels of simplicity.
We have a personalised solution ready for you, whether you like the ease of key fob access or the contemporary elegance of smartphone management. These systems are designed to provide exceptional functionality and give you unrivalled security.

Can you automate existing roller shutters?

Are your existing roller shutters capable of being improved with automation? The intricacies of your particular shutter arrangement hold the secret to the solution. Discussions on such initiatives are something we at Patron Security look forward to. To properly analyse the viability and choose the best strategy for upgrading your home in southeast London, we provide experienced insights and customised help.


Why choose us for your roller shutter installation?

  • 13+ years of experience in the roller shutter industry
  • Secured by Design shutters that are CE-approved
  • Solutions for domestic and commercial spaces
  • Services spanning installation and maintenance
  • On-demand automation features
  • Zero-cost initial consultations

Tell us your roller shutter requirements

Patron Security is available to answer your questions and provide a free first consultation so that you may create a safer and more attractive environment. Our shutters are more than just functional barriers; they make a statement, embodying both strength and beauty.
Reach out to us at 01233 334135 or send an email to to start your path towards enhanced security and improved style.