Roller shutters in Whitstable


Transform your Whitstable property with cutting-edge roller shutter solutions that fuse security and style seamlessly. Engineered to meet rigorous standards, our high-calibre shutters cater to diverse residential and commercial needs. Whether safeguarding garage doors or windows, our shutters offer full customisation options – from style to colour to finish. Automating these shutters enhances convenience, bolstering security measures effortlessly. Backed by over 13 years of industry experience, our team prioritises understanding your specific requirements, ensuring optimal solutions within your allocated budget. Contact us today at 01233 334135 or to initiate your property’s evolution.

Your roller shutter options in Whitstable: Understanding the range

In the domain of roller shutters, our preference leans towards SWS, a manufacturer sanctioned by Secured by Design and esteemed for their unparalleled product excellence. Each SWS shutter we procure is meticulously fabricated from aluminium, incorporating an insulated core to ensure enduring style and functionality. With our array of SWS roller shutters, you can rest assured of selecting a premier solution backed by industry recognition.


What are the benefits
of roller shutters?

Fabricated from tough materials, roller shutters serve as an impenetrable barrier against unauthorised access, offering solid security for your property.

Experience complete seclusion on your property as your roller shutters descend, creating a secure barrier that ensures your personal space remains hidden and free from intrusive gazes.

Take command of the illumination and acoustic levels in your setting through adjustments to your roller shutters. Customise them to your desired positioning to cultivate a peaceful and quiet setting, or invite in sunlight to brighten your space naturally.

Defend your windows and doors against adverse weather conditions using roller shutters engineered to resist storms, gusts, and hail. They offer essential protection to safeguard your property from potential damage.

Deciphering roller shutter in Whitstable installation lead times

Typically, our roller shutter installations necessitate an average lead time of four weeks. Nevertheless, we recognise the significance of timely service in specific scenarios. Where feasible, we endeavour to accommodate shorter timeframes, taking into consideration our current workload. We are committed to open dialogue regarding lead times from the initial stages, ensuring transparency and understanding throughout the ordering process.


Looking after roller shutters in Whitstable: Maintenance guidelines

The robustness of roller shutters greatly contributes to their allure and minimises maintenance requirements. Although an annual service is generally suggested, we understand usage patterns can differ. Through personalised consultations, we identify the most suitable maintenance timetable for your shutters. To ensure smooth operation of automated roller shutters, consider replacing the wireless safety sensor battery annually. Our team is on hand to offer assistance if required.

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Roller shutter automation solutions

Experience the full potential of your roller shutters with our automation proficiency. By synchronising your shutters with your alarm system, we establish a cohesive integration that enhances security and convenience. Enjoy the flexibility of diverse control options, such as key fob and smartphone access. Discover specialised features like vehicle detection systems, designed specifically for garage doors.

Retrofitting automation to your roller shutters in Whitstable

Contemplating the automation of your current roller shutters? Feasibility is contingent upon the particular characteristics of your shutters. Our team is poised to assess your situation and deliver individualised recommendations, reflecting the optimal strategy for your property.


What sets us apart for installation of your roller shutter in Whitstable

  • Our shutters boast CE approval and Secured by Design accreditation.
  • We provide installation and maintenance services.
  • We offer complimentary initial meetings.
  • Our services cater to both residential and commercial sectors.
  • We offer options for shutter automation.
  • We bring over 13 years of industry experience to the table.

Share your roller shutters in Whitstable needs today

In search of high-quality roller shutters in Whitstable that offer excellent security and enhance your property’s aesthetics? Look to Patron Security for solutions. We’re happy to arrange a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your requirements. Reach out to us at 01233 334135 or email