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Welcome to Patron Security, your trusted partner for reliable home automation in Ashford. With Ashford’s strong emphasis on sustainability and green initiatives, along with a sense of community, our smart home automation service aligns with this ethos, offering energy-efficient solutions that not only reduce utility costs for residents but also contribute to Ashford’s commitment to a greener future.

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What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation is the revolutionary integration of advanced technologies designed to enhance the convenience, efficiency, and overall intelligence of your living spaces. It involves automating various devices within your home, including thermostats, lighting, and security cameras with the help of an app. Whether you’re seeking the perfect mood for a fun party or outdoor lights that turn on as your car approaches the gate, smart home automation brings a new level of comfort and sophistication to modern living.

Why opt

With our smart home automation solutions, you can enjoy the perfect blend of modern convenience within the timeless aesthetics of your property. A smart home provides a number of benefits, including:

This technology goes beyond mere remote control; you can optimise your energy usage by switching off devices on your app when not in use.

Our smart home automation empowers you to control your living spaces with unprecedented ease with the help of a remote control, tablet, or smartphone.

There is no need for visible wires because smart technology is linked via hidden cabling to produce a more appealing look.

You can pre-programme your favourite settings to be activated simultaneously, with one button helping you to store 24 different scenes.

Our smart home automation provides advanced security features such as surveillance, access control, and alarm systems.

Smart houses are more appealing, and automation is a worthwhile investment rather than an unnecessary expense.

Our automation solutions enable you to create a personalised experience, thus simplifying your daily routine.

What can be automated in Ashford?

We can automate the following systems in your house in Ashford:


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Servicing your home automation needs in Ashford

Explore our annual maintenance packages tailored for the home automation systems we install, ensuring optimal performance and seamless functionality.

Our regular servicing is designed to keep your systems up-to-date and in peak condition.

  • Software Enhancements
  • Precision Recalibration
  • Diagnostic Fault Identification
  • System Fine-Tuning
  • Sustaining Inter-system Connectivity

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Why choose us

Our products come with an extensive three-year warranty. Opting for our service agreement ensures comprehensive coverage, starting from firmware and upgrades to top craftsmanship.

We understand that every home and business is unique, and our dedicated team works closely with you. Our experts ensure that the solution aligns seamlessly with your specific needs.

Patron Security only uses our own in-house engineers and resources. We provide home automation solutions that enhance your lifestyle but also operate seamlessly.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology. We have fully trained engineers delivering top-notch service, ensuring that your experience with our service in Ashford is nothing short of exceptional.

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