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In the heart of Kent, Canterbury, a city where history meets modernity, home automation services are transforming residences into smart homes. Imagine your home in Canterbury, equipped with the latest technology, adapting to your lifestyle, and offering unparalleled convenience and security. Whether it’s adjusting the lighting to suit your mood, managing the temperature for optimal comfort, or ensuring your property’s security, our tailored solutions bring the future of living into your historic city. Dive into the era of smart living with us, where every device and system in your home, works in harmony to create a seamless, efficient, and personalised living experience. Know more by calling us on 01233 334135 or sending an email to enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.

What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation represents the pinnacle of modern living, integrating technology into the fabric of your home to create an environment that responds to your needs and preferences with precision. It’s the convenience of controlling lighting, heating, entertainment, and security systems with a simple touch or voice command. Imagine your Canterbury home learning your habits and adjusting itself to ensure comfort and efficiency from the moment you wake up to the moment you return from exploring the city’s rich heritage. Smart home automation is not just about technology; it’s about enhancing the quality of life, making your home a sanctuary that knows and understands you.

Why opt

Transform your Canterbury home into a living space that effortlessly adjusts to your lifestyle. Enjoy the myriad advantages of smart home automation, including:

Adopt our green solutions to lower your energy consumption and utility bills, contributing to both environmental conservation and your wallet.

Control your home’s systems with ease from any device—smartphone, tablet, or touch screen—bringing unparalleled convenience to your fingertips.

Our home automation solutions are discreetly integrated, ensuring your home’s beauty is uncompromised while enhancing its functionality and sophistication.

Customise and recall your preferred settings for any occasion, from a focused work environment to a cosy dinner ambience with just a tap.

Experience peace of mind with our top-tier security systems, including reliable access control and alarms, safeguarding your home, and loved ones.

Upgrade to a smart home and boost your property’s value, making it an attractive, future-ready investment.

Automate daily tasks and effortlessly personalise your living environment to match your lifestyle, from morning coffee to evening relaxation.

What can be automated in Canterbury?

With our services, you can automate:


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Servicing your home automation in Canterbury

Our comprehensive service packages ensure your home automation system remains at peak performance, including:

  • Software Enhancements
  • Precision Recalibration
  • Diagnostic Fault Identification
  • System Fine-Tuning
  • Sustaining Inter-system Connectivity

Reach out to our expert team for customised services that meet your exact requirements. Dial 01233 334135 or email enquiries@patronltd.co.uk for assistance.

Why choose us

Every piece of technology we install comes with a solid three-year guarantee, covering all aspects of hardware, software, and installation craftsmanship. Our comprehensive service plan offers you peace of mind and reliability.

Our ethos is putting the customer first, ensuring we engage in clear, open communication and collaborate closely to customise a system that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences.

We pride ourselves on providing a complete in-house service for your home automation needs, from the initial brainstorming session to the final setup, without the need for subcontractors.

Our team comprises highly skilled and certified engineers who are proficient in installing a wide range of systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process for your home automation project.

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