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Focusing on reliability and unmatched user experience, we bring Maidstone residents innovative technologies that redefine convenience, security, and luxury living. From intelligent lighting and climate control to sophisticated security systems and entertainment integration, home automation elevates your living experience. Patron Security Ltd combines expertise, reliability, and tailored solutions to create a seamless, intuitive environment tailored to your lifestyle.

Added to our high-end smart home automation in Maidstone, we offer a three-year comprehensive guarantee on our services. To get started, please call 01233 334135 or email enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.

What is smart home automation?

Imagine relaxing in your home with ambient lighting which you can control through your phone. Or imagine being away from your property for a long time, knowing it’s a fortress of security, and you can check in from anywhere in the world.

Smart home automation transcends traditional living spaces by integrating cutting-edge technology to create intelligent environments tailored to homeowners’ preferences and lifestyles. Whether it’s about adjusting your room temperature or monitoring security cameras, your smart automation systems can easily adapt and respond to your needs effortlessly. Furthermore, it promotes energy efficiency and will reduce your energy bills.

Why opt

Patron Security Ltd is your trusted partner for state-of-the-art home automation solutions. Want to know the reason you should opt for home automation? Hear us out:

Embrace sustainability with our energy-efficient home automation in Maidstone by optimising energy usage and reducing utility costs.

Every smart device in your home can be controlled by a smartphone, remote controller. tablet, or dedicated touch screen.

Seamlessly blend modern tech with the traditional features of your classic property… with hidden wires it’s a very sleek look.

With our home automation services in Maidstone, you have the luxury of storing and activating up to 24 preferred settings effortlessly.

With features such as surveillance cameras, remote access, and real-time monitoring capabilities, you can enjoy unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Potential buyers recognise the long-term benefits of smart technologies and the contribution they add to increased property value and marketability.

You will be able to tailor your everyday routines to make your home the best fit for your lifestyle.

What can be automated in Maidstone?

Our smart home automation in Maidstone includes:


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Servicing your home automation needs in Maidstone

Worried about maintaining your home automation system? We provide annual maintenance packages designed specifically for the automation systems we install.

These cover:

  • Software Enhancements
  • Precision Recalibration
  • Diagnostic Fault Identification
  • System Fine-Tuning
  • Sustaining Inter-system Connectivity

To learn more, reach out on 01233 334135 or drop us an email at enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.

Why choose us

We take care of your home automation system with our three-year warranty. With our service agreement in place, you’ll receive comprehensive coverage that includes hardware, software, and workmanship.

We understand that each customer has unique preferences, budget, and lifestyle. This is why, our solutions are completely based on your individual needs, from intuitive control systems to personalised settings.

We only use our own in-house team of engineers and resources, overseeing every step from start to finish. We ensure continuous quality and simplified communication.

Our seasoned professionals possess the expertise and knowledge to deliver home automation solutions that stand the test of time. We offer high-quality installations and services across Maidstone.

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