Installing CCTV to protect your home and property in Ramsgate


CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of enhancing security for homeowners, and especially so in Ramsgate where CCTV cameras are helping residents to protect their homes, vehicles, and gardens from potential threats.

Situated in the beautiful county of Kent, Ramsgate is known for its charming town centre and hilly location with picturesque landscapes and a quiet pace of life. However, like any other area, it is sadly not immune to criminal activity.

Ramsgate experiences a moderate level of crime, with burglaries being one of the primary concerns. The most burgled roads and streets include Oak Road, Beechwood Road, and Maple Road, with rising figures emphasising the importance of taking proactive security measures across the area.

With a diverse range of housing options, from quaint cottages to modern apartments, house-hunters will find a choice of properties in Ramsgate to suit all tastes and budgets. But, regardless of the type of housing, installing CCTV will always significantly enhance security and peace of mind.

Enhanced security and deterrents

The benefits of CCTV are obvious and plentiful. Firstly, the visible cameras act as a powerful deterrent. The hilly terrain of Ramsgate can provide useful cover for would-be intruders. By strategically placing CCTV cameras in key areas, homeowners can deter intruders and minimise the risk of opportunistic burglary attempts.


Valuable evidence

Furthermore, in the event of a crime, CCTV footage serves as crucial evidence for the police. The recorded images can help identify perpetrators, leading to higher chances of apprehension and conviction. This not only aids in the recovery of stolen property but also contributes to a safer community by reducing crime rates.

What are the benefits of CCTV cameras?

  1. A significant benefit of installing CCTV in Ramsgate is the potential reduction in insurance premiums. Many insurance providers offer discounted rates to homeowners with robust security measures. By investing in CCTV, residents can enjoy financial savings while safeguarding their properties.
  2. CCTV also extends its protective reach beyond the confines of a homeowner’s property. Vehicles parked on the streets of Ramsgate are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. By installing cameras overlooking driveways and parking spaces, residents can monitor their vehicles and capture any suspicious activity.
  3. As modern CCTV systems now come with remote monitoring capabilities, homeowners can view their property from anywhere in the world at any time. Residents can watch their surveillance feed day and night using smartphones or other internet-enabled devices.
  4. Benefits also extend beyond individual homes. A network of surveillance cameras greatly enhances community safety. Footage captured by private CCTV cameras can provide valuable evidence, aiding in the identification and prosecution of criminals, as well as discouraging wrongdoers from engaging in criminal activities in the first place. Everyone feels safer.

To maximise the benefits of CCTV we work closely alongside clients to fully assess your property and identify vulnerable areas where cameras should be installed. These could include entry points, blind spots, and areas with valuable assets, that determine the optimal camera placement for comprehensive coverage.

Partnering with professional CCTV installer Patron Security ensures that your install is carried out by our skilled and knowledgeable experts, we’ll also show you how to use and care for your new equipment, with regular servicing as required.

Our team has worked extensively across Ramsgate for many years and has glowing testimonials from local families who use our security services. We are always happy to provide independent client reviews along with copies of our CEDIA accreditations and insurance-industry approved certifications.


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