Why automate?

Home automation

Home automation makes day-to-day life simple, flexible and more secure. The modern-day home contains an abundance of technology and, whilst highly useful, it can become complicated and frustrating when every device works independently. Home automation connects technology together simply and intuitively, giving you complete control and flexibility to make your home meet your needs. Stay at the cutting edge of technology as systems evolve, and get the most out of your home without any complications.

Properties can also be automated outside, with gates designed to enhance security and simplify day-to-day life. Electric gates can be made from a variety of materials and come in many styles, with technology including vehicle detection, number plate recognition, smartphone or app control, keypad entry, and video or audio access control. Automatic gates enhance kerb appeal and make your property more secure.

Top reasons

These are the top reasons why you should consider automated home technology.

You will have a controls systems processor installed – this is the brain of the home, seamlessly connecting all systems. You can control every smart device in your property at once, switching them off when not in use to save energy and reduce bills.

Control every smart device in your home using a smartphone, remote control, tablet or dedicated touch screen. The user interface will be the same for each device, so it’s simple to learn and gives you full control.

There’s no need for unsightly wires – smart technology is linked through hidden cabling to create a better aesthetic. All subscription boxes and entertainment systems can be stored out of sight and linked through cabling too.

Scenes allow you to simplify your home and day-to-day activities by running all systems simultaneously. You can pre-program your favourite settings so they’re activated together, with one single button allowing you to store 24 scenes. You can create scenes for anything from watching a film, to leaving for work in the morning. This is automated living at its most intelligent.

Intruder alarms and CCTV can be automated for easier activation and monitoring, helping you keep your home safe. You can also set ‘away from home’ scenes to make your property appear occupied while you’re away. You can also choose to install electric gates to improve security from the outside in.

Smart homes are more desirable and automation is an investment, not an expense. Well automated systems can increase a property’s value.

The overarching reason why people automate their homes is to make their everyday lives simpler and more efficient. We lead such busy lives, and intelligent home systems provide much-needed convenience, giving you time back in your day. You’ll be well equipped to streamline day-to-day activities and make your home a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Home automation

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