Many people opt for a standard set of electric gates for their driveway with a 50-50 split for aesthetic reasons. However, in some cases, it may not be practically possible to have a standard set of driveway gates, or your preference might be to have a smaller pedestrian access gate alongside a larger driveway gate. Luckily, with bespoke, made-to-order electric gates like ours, the split can be as niche or generic as you require. There is no one-size-fits-all solution! Our team of specialists in electric gate systems share everything you need to know about split gates for your driveway.

What does the term ‘split gates’ refer to?

The term ‘split gates’ is an umbrella term for any configuration of driveway gate that varies from the standard 50-50 opening. For example, you might choose a gate with a 30-70 split opening, or maybe a 50-50 gate with separate pedestrian access gate attached to it – typically, we tend to refer to this configuration as a driveway gate with pedestrian access. There are many variations for how driveway gates can be split.

Split-gate-ped-and-main-2Many people choose to have a separate pedestrian access gate alongside their main gate which has a unique access code to enter and exit. However, if you do not want a separate access gate, we can programme a pedestrian setting into your driveway gates allowing them to partially open when required. For example, if you have a bi-folding gate, this may mean your gates only open wide enough for someone to walk through rather than drive through. If you opt for swinging gates, you might just programme one side of the gate to open for pedestrian access.

Types and materials for split driveway gates

No matter which configuration of split you choose, we can design electric gates to suit your needs. Whether you opt for sliding, bi-folding, swing, or cantilever gates, you can choose from many different types of materials, including:

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Metal structured with wooden exterior
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Metal-framed gates with composite cladding

It is important to ensure both the driveway gate and the pedestrian access gate (if applicable) are of high quality and are designed to provide adequate security. Look for gates like ours that are made from sturdy materials that are difficult to breach.

If your design incorporates a separate access gate within it, it is possible to choose a different type, material, and design for each element. For example, you may have a bi-folding main gate with a swing pedestrian access gate at the side.

Your gates do not need to have a flat top to them either. We make everything bespoke and, therefore, can craft any design features you prefer – including curved or flat tops.

Here is a selection of split driveway gates we have recently installed:

Access, security, and safety for split driveway gates


Implementing access control measures for your gates is vital. How you access, open, and close your gates is a personal choice and we can accommodate all preferences. You can use cards, access codes, intercom systems, or remote controls to ensure only authorised individuals can enter. In our experience, people opt for either fob or ring entry.

A gate key fob is an access control system that consists of a lock on your gate that tenants open electronically with a fob. The fob is a small device that is electronically coded to send signals to your lock and gate opener. Meanwhile, ring entry has your mobile number programmed into a gate intercom system, allowing you to open your gates by simply ringing the gate’s intercom number from your mobile.

If you have electric gates with separate pedestrian access gate, you may choose to have a different entry method and access codes for each, but most people opt for the same type of access control system and access code for both. In terms of gate access, you can choose exactly what suits you and your needs.

The other popular option is ground loop access. A ground loop gate entry system is controlled by an electric current. It uses a buried loop of wire and a special control box to sense when a vehicle or person with metal objects is near the gate. When this is detected, the gate opens automatically. It is a great solution if you want to achieve keyless entry or exit from your home, office, or community gates. However, we usually recommend having ground loop access on exit only rather than entry.



Motorised gates have their own internal lock and are difficult to crack. You would have to push extremely hard on a gate with a motor on it for it to break and unlock. While many customers rely on the gate’s sturdy motor to keep the gates locked, others opt to add extra security and peace of mind by installing an additional gate locking mechanism. There are a few options to choose from, but for driveway gates with pedestrian access, we usually recommend adding a Maglock alongside a form of access control such as a code or fob entry. A Maglock (magnetic door lock) is a lock that uses an electric current to produce a strong magnetic force. Due to the greater strength of current, the doors can withstand lots of pressure, and cannot be forced open without using the confirmed access method.

To safely lock automated swing gates, an electrical motorised drop bolt may work well. It will secure the gates by mechanically locking them in place to prevent unauthorised entry. When the lock is engaged, the electric bolt (a sturdy metal rod) extends and drops into a receiver or strike plate in the ground.

In terms of integration, if you have a CCTV security system, we can integrate it with your gates so you can see who is approaching the gate. It provides a centralised way to manage access and security alerts.

Top security tips:

  • Keep the landscaping around the gates well-maintained. Overgrown shrubs or trees can provide cover for potential intruders.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your gates to ensure they are functioning properly. Any malfunctioning parts should be repaired promptly to maintain security.
  • Make sure that anyone authorised to use the gates understands the importance of security protocols. Train them not to let in unauthorised individuals.


To ensure vehicles and people are safe when using automated electric gates we recommend using photocells. They are a crucial part of any gate automation set up and tend to use infra-red technology to tell them when something is in the way, helping to avoid nasty accidents or vehicle damage by forcing the gate automation to stop when there is a blockage detected. An infra-red beam is installed a short distance back from the gate, so if someone were to park/stand in front of it, the photocells would recognise the change in light levels and respond by not allowing the gates to open.

You may also wish to consider installing security lighting around both your main gate and separate access gate (if you have one) to deter intruders and provide better visibility. This will enhance security at night.

Adding a pedestrian access gate to a driveway gate doesn’t not compromise security. Whichever split gate configuration you choose, careful planning, quality components, and appropriate security measures will allow you to maintain a secure property entrance while offering convenient access to both vehicles and pedestrians.

Whether you opt for a driveway gate with pedestrian access or any other split gate configuration, our team of specialists will work with you to find the right solution for your wants and needs. Rest assured, we are well known for our craftmanship, quality materials, and seamless installation – our customer reviews speak for themselves.

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