Roller shutters in Greenwich


Imagine your property in Greenwich adorned with sleek roller shutters that epitomise both security and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our premium shutters transcend the ordinary, catering to residential and commercial spaces alike. Whether adorning garage entrances or windows, these shutters are infinitely customisable, allowing you to curate the perfect blend of style, colour, and texture. Opting for automation not only streamlines functionality but also enhances the overall security framework, granting you peace of mind. With a wealth of experience spanning over 13 years, we pride ourselves on deciphering your unique needs, guiding you towards tailored solutions that align with your vision and budget. Reach out to us today at 01233 334135 or drop us a line at to embark on your property’s metamorphosis.

Your roller shutter options in Greenwich: Discover the possibilities

When it comes to roller shutter options, we stand by SWS, a manufacturer endorsed by Secured by Design and renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted from aluminium with an insulated core, each SWS shutter we offer guarantees enduring elegance and functionality. With our curated selection of SWS roller shutters, you can confidently opt for a top-tier solution, acknowledged and celebrated within the industry.


What are the benefits
of roller shutters?

Fashioned from strong materials, roller shutters act as a formidable obstacle against unauthorised entry, providing robust protection for your premises.

Delight in absolute privacy within your premises as your roller shutters lower, crafting a secure shield that safeguards your personal space and keeps it protected from prying eyes.

Master the management of light and sound in your surroundings by tweaking your roller shutters. Adapt them to your preferred alignment to establish a serene and tranquil environment, or embrace the influx of sunlight for a naturally radiant atmosphere.

Preserve your windows and doors from harsh weather elements with roller shutters engineered to endure storms, high winds, and hail. They act as a barrier to protect your property from potential harm.

Exploring roller shutters in Greenwich installation wait times

Our roller shutter installations typically require an average lead time of four weeks. However, we understand the urgency that may arise in certain circumstances. Whenever possible, we strive to accommodate shorter timelines, mindful of our current workload. From the outset, our team engages in open discussions regarding lead times, ensuring transparency and clarity as you proceed with your order.


Taking care of roller shutters in Greenwich: Maintenance insights

Roller shutters’ resilience is a key aspect that enhances their attractiveness and diminishes maintenance necessities. While an annual service is often recommended, we acknowledge variations in usage. By understanding your specific needs, we can establish the most fitting maintenance regimen for your shutters. To maintain the efficiency of automated roller shutters, consider replacing the wireless safety sensor battery annually. Our team is here to provide assistance whenever necessary.

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Unveiling roller shutter automation

Discover the enhanced capabilities of your roller shutters through our automation expertise. By integrating your shutters with your alarm system, we forge a seamless connection that improves security and convenience. Benefit from a range of control methods, including key fob and smartphone access. Explore advanced features like vehicle detection systems, tailored for garage doors.

Can your roller shutters in Greenwich be automated?

Curious about automating your current roller shutters? The possibility varies based on the unique attributes of your shutters. Our team is at your service to appraise your circumstances and offer tailored suggestions, tailored to the best approach for your property.


Why consider us for fitting your roller shutters in Greenwich

  • Our shutters are CE-approved and Secured by Design.
  • We offer installation and maintenance solutions.
  • Initial consultations are free of charge.
  • We serve both domestic and commercial clients.
  • We can integrate automation features.
  • With over 13 years in the industry, we bring ample expertise.

Tell us about your roller shutters in Greenwich requirements

On the lookout for premium roller shutters in Greenwich that provide top-tier security and elevate your property’s visual appeal? Patron Security has you covered. We’re ready to schedule a free initial consultation to address any queries you may have. Contact us today at 01233 334135 or via email at