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Apart from being known for its picturesque coastline, encompassing scenic cliffs, sandy beaches, and quaint seaside towns, Sussex also boasts many luxury homes that require a curated experience blending cutting-edge technology with opulent aesthetics. Patron Security makes home automation simple, giving you control over multiple systems with a single touch.

Using the latest systems, we provide a three-year warranty and guidance on maintaining your home automation across East and West Sussex. Contact our team on 01233 334135 or via email at enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.

What is smart home automation?

Imagine waking up to gentle ambient lighting or picture relaxed evenings illuminated by custom-designed fixtures that enhance your mood. Home automation delivers effortless living, controlled via your smartphone, tablet, or specialised touchscreens dispersed throughout your property. This advanced technology helps you curate personalised settings and streamline your daily routine. At the heart of the transformation lies the central processor, controlling the operational appliances.

Why opt

With home automation, you can transform your residence or commercial premises into a future-proofed environment that constantly evolves with your changing lifestyle. Some of the primary benefits of home automation across the Sussex counties include:

Enjoy reduced utility bills and a greener footprint with automatic controls that know when you are at home, or away, and can turn the heating down or off to suit. Keeping your energy bills in check with co-friendly solutions.

You can operate every smart gadget in your home with a smartphone, remote control, tablet, or dedicated touch screen.

Our automation solutions are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that functionality never compromises aesthetics.

Simplify your house and daily routines by running all systems simultaneously.

Patron Security’s expertise ensures that your safety remains uncompromised with advanced surveillance, access control, and alarm systems.

Home automation is an investment that can significantly increase a property’s value.

You will be equipped to customise your daily activities to make your home an ideal fit for your lifestyle.

What can be automated across Sussex?

With our home automation systems in East and West Sussex, you can automate:


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Servicing your home automation needs in Sussex

Wondering how you will maintain your home automation system? We offer comprehensive annual maintenance packages tailored for the home automation systems we install, ensuring uninterrupted performance and longevity.

Our servicing includes:

  • Software Enhancements
  • Precision Recalibration
  • Diagnostic Fault Identification
  • System Fine-Tuning
  • Sustaining Inter-system Connectivity

Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss bespoke options tailored to your requirements. Contact us on 01233 334135 or drop us an email at enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.

Why choose us

All our products come with a three-year warranty. If you have a service agreement, it will cover everything, including hardware, software, and workmanship, giving you complete peace of mind.

We understand that each home is unique. Our team works closely with you to tailor automation solutions that align with your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

We instal automation systems using only our own in-house team of engineers and resources, overseeing every aspect from inception to completion. We guarantee consistent quality and streamlined communication.

Our engineers are fully trained to install all of the systems we provide, so each member of our staff is an expert in home automation to ensure your installation runs smoothly.

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