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We manufacture and install electric gates in East Grinstead. Our automated gates are made to order so they fit your home perfectly, and come in many styles and materials. You’ll find the perfect gate for you right here with Patron Security.

You’ll find that our electric gate prices are competitively priced with other companies in East Grinstead, but we offer more than just an attractive price tag. We provide excellent customer service from start to finish and take the time to understand exactly what you need- whether it be a budget or timeline for installation – by discussing all the options available with you.

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Automated gates in East Grinstead

Security is something that every homeowner worries about, and it’s important to know that your property is safe.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t take the time to think about security until they have a problem. By then, it may be too late!

Patron Security are experts in gate automation in East Grinstead and we’re here to help you protect your home or business from intruders by installing high-quality gates with top notch security features. If you want more than just a secure gate, but also want an automated one for convenience reasons as well as extra safety measures, we can do that too! We’ll work with you to design the perfect system for your needs at an affordable price.

Options for controlling your automated gates include:

  • Vehicle detection
  • Number plate recognition
  • Smartphone or app control
  • Key fob entry
  • Keypad entry
  • Timed openings

Electric gate repairs in East Grinstead

You want to keep your gate in good working order so it can continue providing the protection and security you need.

But, sometimes things break down and you end up with an electric gate that needs repairing. This is an inconvenience for you, but also dangerous if your family or business relies on that functioning properly. It’s no fun getting stuck outside when you come home late at night after work.

Give us a call! We’ll be happy to help fix any issues you’re experiencing with your electric gate so it can continue operating safely and reliably without having to worry about emergency repairs or paying out every time something goes wrong.


How will your electric / automated gates look and feel?

Electric gates can provide a variety of benefits to your East Grinstead property. They offer security, access control and are customisable for any size or design you need–not just limited by the standard gates.

We’ll work with you find the right electric gate that meets all your needs, including installation. You won’t have to worry about taking care of anything because we handle every aspect from finding what is appropriate for each individual project through installing it correctly too. So call us today; our experts will be happy to get started on designing an electric gate system perfect for your home or business.

With our gate design program, we can show you how your gates will look. With many different materials to choose from in order to find the perfect product for all of our customers needs and property styles, they are sure leave with a well-informed decision about which is best suited for them.

You can choose from:

  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Metal structured with wooden exterior
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Metal-framed gates with composite cladding

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Why choose us for your electric gates

An electric gate installation is a big decision, and it’s not always easy to find the right company. That’s why we’re here – Patron Security offers you expert advice on all your automated gates needs; our tailored services are designed around what YOU need for gate installation rather than one size fits all. You’ll receive competitive prices from an efficient management team that will visit your home with you in order to understand both YOUR electric gate needs as well as giving them the opportunity to meet some of us who work at Patron Security.

When you need gates that are tailored to your exact needs, come talk to our team. We’ll design them with quality and personalisation in mind so they fit the look of your property perfectly.

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If you’d like convenient, highly secure automated gates for your property, contact Patron. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and set up a free initial meeting. Call 01233 334135 or email enquiries@patronltd.co.uk.