Fast And Reliable Commercial Gate Repair

When your commercial gates falter, the security and efficiency of your business operations are immediately compromised. Our dedicated team at Patron Security Ltd. is committed to delivering fast and reliable commercial gate repair services to ensure your operations never skip a beat. Whether it is urgent electric gate repair, automatic gate troubleshooting, or routine maintenance, we promise minimal downtime with our swift, responsive service.  

Do not let a malfunctioning gate disrupt your business—contact us today at 01233 334135 for a free initial consultation and experience the peace of mind that comes with secured, fully functional gates. Our service footprint extends across multiple locations, ensuring that we are always ready and nearby to respond to your call swiftly. With us, you are choosing a partner who understands the urgency and necessity of maintaining and repairing commercial gates efficiently and effectively. 

Local Commercial Gate Repair and Maintenance Specialists

We are your trusted local experts in commercial gate repair and maintenance. Our dedication to delivering exceptional service sets us apart in the industry. We equip our skilled engineers with advanced tools and the latest in maintenance technology, ensuring your commercial gate systems, from electric gates to automated barriers, are maintained to the highest standards. 

Our comprehensive services cover everything from electric gate repair and automatic gate troubleshooting to emergency interventions and systematic security gate repairs. Whether it is planned maintenance or an urgent fix, our team is ready to extend the life of your gates and enhance their functionality. 

Rely on us for your commercial gate maintenance and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your access controls are in capable hands. Our preventive strategies and repair solutions are tailored to keep your gates operational, secure, and compliant with the latest safety standards. Let us help you maintain the integrity and efficiency of your gate systems with our expert, localised service. 

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Commercial Gate Repair Service Contract

Secure your business with our commercial gate repair service contract, designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. We offer a range of maintenance contracts tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you require monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. Our service includes regular maintenance visits, emergency gate repairs, and automated gate system troubleshooting, ensuring your security gates always operate properly and efficiently. 

Enjoy the convenience of spreading your payments with our flexible monthly payment option, designed to ease financial strain and ensure continuous service. Our comprehensive service plan also covers accidental or malicious damage and routine safety checks like force testing and safety edge inspection. 

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Commercial Gate Systems We Service 

Our comprehensive service spans a wide array of commercial gate systems, ensuring that we have the expertise to maintain and repair whether you have underground overhead parking gate systems, roll-up parking gates, sliding gates, swing gates, or more traditional security gates. We specialise in the installation, maintenance, and repair of pedestrian gates, industrial gates, and custom gates designed to meet unique business needs. 

With our skilled team, we can tackle anything from automated gate troubleshooting to full-scale commercial gate motor replacements. We understand the complexities of automated gate systems, including underground automation and overhead systems, and are equipped to handle all your gate service needs. Our commitment extends to all our gates, ensuring they operate properly through regular servicing and maintenance contracts. 

Electric Gates Repair

Electric gates are essential for commercial security, providing convenience and robust protection. Our comprehensive service includes diagnostics, repairs, and regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. High-traffic commercial gates require frequent checks every three to six months to avoid disruptive malfunctions and financial losses. Our team specialises in automated gate systems, including emergency repairs and routine servicing, ensuring that your gates meet the highest safety and performance standards. We also offer customised maintenance contracts, providing priority response and reduced costs to keep your gates functional and your business secure. Trust us to maintain your commercial gates with expert care and precision, ensuring they operate efficiently year-round. 

Why Choose Us For Commercial Gate Repairs And Maintenance?

Choosing our services for your commercial gate repair and maintenance provides undeniable advantages: 

Flexibility Without Long-Term Commitments  

We offer adjustable service agreements tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need a quarterly contract for regular check-ups or a one-time repair, our flexibility ensures you get exactly what your business requires without any long-term ties. 

Priority Service for Contract Customers  

As a service plan customer, you will receive a priority response. This ensures that any issues with your electric gates or automated gate systems are addressed promptly, minimising downtime and disruption to your operations. 


Complimentary Initial Consultations

Begin with a free initial meeting that allows us to assess your specific needs without any cost to you. This step ensures that our service proposals are perfectly matched to your gate maintenance and repair requirements. 

Over a Decade of Expertise 

With more than 13 years of experience, our team brings expert-level knowledge to every job. We specialise in a wide range of services, from electric gate servicing and automated gate troubleshooting to comprehensive maintenance of all gate types, ensuring high operational standards and security. 

Issues Affecting the Gates Over the Years

Maintaining your commercial gates is crucial not only for immediate functionality but also for long-term operation. Common issues that we address include:

Mechanical Wear

Over time, your gates will inevitably exhibit signs of wear, such as scratches, cracks, and even dents that can lead to rusting. These minor damages, if not addressed, can evolve into more significant problems that compromise the gate’s structural integrity and require costly repairs. 

Accidental or Malicious Damage  

Damage from a vehicle collision, vandalism, or other incidents can severely affect your gate’s operation. Our emergency gate repairs ensure that accidental or malicious damage is rectified quickly, restoring your gate’s functionality and security measures. 

Weather-Related Issues

Extreme weather can severely impact gates, from freezing temperatures affecting the mechanical safety mechanisms to storms causing physical damage like bent tracks or dislodged gates. Our comprehensive service includes force testing and regular maintenance visits to address and prevent these issues. 

Operator and Sensor Malfunctions 

Issues with swing arm operators, jerky movements, or electrical malfunctions can all lead to a gate’s poor performance. Our team is skilled in both automated gate troubleshooting and electric gate repair, ensuring every component, from sensors to operators, works seamlessly. 

Structural and Hardware Problems  

Regular use can wear down hinges, latches, and chains. Additionally, severe impacts may knock gates off their tracks or misalign support posts, causing the gate to drag or not open smoothly. Our maintenance contracts cover regular checks and replacements, ensuring every part of your gate system is in optimal condition. 

Investing in regular servicing, including our six-monthly or quarterly maintenance contracts, ensures your gates are regularly tested and maintained, preventing future issues and keeping your premises secure and functional. This proactive approach saves on emergency callouts and repairs and enhances customer satisfaction through reliable, hassle-free operation. 

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